Top Health Insurance Companies in Finland

Top Health Insurance Companies in Finland? The Finnish health insurance market is one of the most competitive in Europe, with a total of 10 companies competing for the attention of private customers. The biggest player is Varman, which offers comprehensive coverage for both public and private patients.

Private customers should be aware that the best health insurance plan for them depends on their personal circumstances, budget and needs. The Best Auto Insurance Companies in New Zealand

Varman: The largest insurer in Finland

Varman provides comprehensive coverage for both public and private patients. It offers different levels of packages according to your needs. For example, you could choose from a basic level, (basic 1), medium level (medium 2), or high level (high 3). Each package includes a wide range of benefits, including hospitalization, maternity care, prescription drugs, and more.

The company also offers individual policies for private patients who want to save money by buying their own plans. The maximum deductible is €2,400 per year. However, Varman does not allow members to take out private plans if they have been covered by another insurer at any point during the previous three years (or longer if it was part of another plan).

If you’re looking for a health insurance company in Finland, there are several options to choose from. You can choose from the following top health insurance companies in Finland:

1. Aetna

Aetna is a leading provider of health insurance in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. It has been operating in Finland since 2015 and offers its policies through Vakuutus- JA Työterveyspalvelut (VTT).

2. Finns Health Insurance

Finns Health Insurance (Finns) is a leading provider of private medical insurance in Finland. It was founded by Finnish employers and employees in 1993 to provide universal private health care coverage to employees. The company provides medical care to over 1 million people each year through its private medical plans.

3. Kela

Kela is the national social insurance institution of Finland that provides sickness benefits and maternity benefits to all Finnish residents over 18 years old who are employed or self-employed in any sector of Finnish society. It also manages an extensive network of public hospitals and healthcare services throughout the country, including GP clinics and specialist doctors’ practices that are open to everyone irrespective.

The Finnish public health insurance service, Kela, is among the best in Europe. It has a wide network of services, including pharmacological and dental care, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, as well as sports medicine, psychological treatment, and social work.

The maximum monthly income of insured persons is €1,200 per month. This can be increased by up to €600 if one’s family members are also insured. If you are entitled to unemployment benefits under Finnish law, you can receive an additional contribution from Kela of up to €400 a month for basic health insurance coverage.

In addition to the usual medical services provided by Kela, there are also specialized high-tech clinics where patients can receive treatment for specific conditions such as diabetes or blood pressure disorders. The cost of these treatments varies from clinic to clinic but can often be covered by your insurance company.

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