Health Tech Conference 2022 UK

The Health Tech Conference 2022 UK is an international gathering of experts, leaders and innovators in healthcare that brings together the world’s most influential healthcare industry players. The event will be held from July 7-9, 2020 in London, UK.

Health Tech Conference 2022 UK

Health Tech Conference 2022 UK is an annual conference for the global health technology industry. The conference aims to bring together those working within the healthcare sector to share ideas and knowledge on how technology can improve patient care.

The conference will focus on three main themes:

Connectivity, ICT & Data Analytics, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Attendees will be able to explore these themes as well as other topics related to the digital transformation of healthcare including Health Information Exchange (HIE), Digital Transformation in Practice, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML), Blockchain Technology, Clinical Trials and Clinical Trial Design & Conducting Trials Using Human Data Science etc.

The Health Tech Conference 2022 UK is a platform that brings together the best and brightest in the industry. The conference will take place from August 16 to 17 at the ExCel London Exhibition Centre, London.

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The event is designed to bring together all those who are interested in health tech – from startups to established companies and investors. The conference will feature more than 80 speakers and over 1000 attendees.

The Health Tech Conference 2022 UK is a 3-day event being held from the 18th of October to the 21st of October in London, United Kingdom. This conference provides a platform for sharing ideas & experiences to innovate and provide solutions for real-world challenges. The theme for this conference is “Health Management”. The key topics of discussion will include, but not limited to:

Health Data Management

Data Analytics

Internet of Things (IoT) & Wearable Devices

Mobile Apps & Software Development

The HealthTech Conference is a gathering of the most innovative minds in health and wellness, technology and innovation. It has been held annually since 2017 and is expected to return again in 2022. With over 200 speakers from across the globe, it brings together medical professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors to share ideas on how to improve health care.

This year’s event will be hosted by Astbury Hospitality at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel in London on 12th-13th November. The conference will feature presentations from leading experts in areas such as global health technology, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and productivity improvement.

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