Can We Buy A Home in Australia As a Student?

Yes, you can buy a home in Australia as a student. You can also buy an investment property if you want to.

If you’ve already got a degree and are looking to buy a home in Australia, then the first thing to do is know the rules about how much money you can put down on a home and when you need to be earning more than $100,000 per year. That’s because there’s a limit on how much you can borrow for buying a house or investment property in Australia.

You may be able to get more than two loans from different lenders if your total borrowing is less than $5000 per month. It’s important that your loan repayments don’t exceed 20% of your income after tax and that they’re at least 6 months apart (unless they’re interest-only).

If you’re planning on buying an investment property with friends or family members, then it’s best to get their permission first before signing anything official like a mortgage agreement or contract (which will have conditions attached).

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It’s true that in many parts of Australia it’s difficult to get a mortgage if you don’t have a good credit history, but this is not the case for every state. In fact, some states are much more lenient than others when it comes to loans for students. If you’re planning on buying an apartment or house in Australia as a student, here’s how it works:

Where Can I Buy?

You’ll need to find out what sort of property opportunities are available where you want to live. There are different types of properties available, from apartments and houses to townhouses and villas – so it pays to know which type of property fits your budget best.

Once you know what kind of property is available, you can search online for listings that match what you’re looking for. You can also contact real estate agents directly and ask them about their availability and pricing information.

What Are My Options?

There are two main options when buying property as a student: buying outright or renting an apartment or house while studying full-time at university or college.

When you’re a student in Australia, it can be hard to find a place to live. But there are ways to make sure you have the right home — and afford it.

The good news is that many homes are affordable to students, especially those who live on campus. The bad news is that not all apartments are created equal, so it’s important to do your research before making an offer.

Here are some things you should consider when buying a home as a student:


Most apartments are located close to campus or close to other amenities like shops and restaurants. If you don’t want to be too far away from your friends and family, look for an apartment near campus where you can walk or take public transport instead of driving everywhere.


Apartments come in different sizes — from studio apartments (less than 200 square feet) up to two-bedroom units (around 1,500 square feet). In general, larger spaces tend to be more expensive than smaller ones — so think about how much space you need before you start looking around for properties.

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